If cost is not an unique selling point, then what is an unique promoting point? Better however, what can I do in my next Tv or radio place that will create that unique promoting point? Allow’s consider a peek at a few suggestions that whilst not secrets, are truly not utilized by the typical businessRead more »

If you want to be effective in your marketing you must understand three important ideas. What are these three ideas? The WHO you are heading to, the WHAT you are saying, and the HOW you are saying it. Allow’s appear at every one and I’ll explain the significance. Just simply because you say “If thisRead more »

Is commercial radio really dying? It certain appears like it. I started speaking about this a couple of months ago and was surprised by the response it received. Mainly from radio reps who really feel the squeeze of the “alternate/new income streams” mindset by the corporations that personal large teams of stations in each marketplace.Read more »

Choose or be Overlooked: Many advertisers depart radio advertising up to the nearby station rep. Whoever calls you initial, or can make an appointment with you is the winner. Not entirely poor, but think of whose curiosity he’s serving. He (or she’s) out to sell you his station which might or may not be theRead more »

Keep it easy, silly. You can say much more with much less. Don’t clutter your concept with too many particulars. The much more compelling the concept is, the more pre-qualified your clients will be. A customer much more motivated to discover out more information, will be much more inspired to buy what you have toRead more »

One day, I plan on obtaining satellite radio. Till then, I’m caught listening to commercial radio stations. And that’s no enjoyable. Like most people, I like a lot of different songs, but primarily I pay attention to Classic Rock. I would favor to pay attention to the radio station of my youth, WPLJ, which playedRead more »

The beginning of this line of function for me began January 1, 1990. I was performing what I loved which was being a radio DJ. It didn’t spend nicely so to supplement I also offered radio advertising. In little markets you also sweep floors. One working day I stopped to see a business individual aboutRead more »

It’s about time! CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival has lastly introduced the complete CMJ 2011 routine — each solitary band, every solitary movie, each final panel — is prepared to be devoured. Nope, there’s no searching back again now. What ought to the strategy be? We determined that to reach a slim goal likeRead more »

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